The systems supplied by us will generally be used by persons with different operational tasks. For the operating personnel the presentation of current operation process and the available possibilities of intervention are particularly important. The technological personnel are using the systems e. g. for process analysis and can make changes to system parameters, in order to influence process control permanently. The maintenance personnel have to sustain the availability of systems during ongoing operation and to intervene efficiently in case of failure.

These various priorities in using our systems require an appropriate consideration of thematic structure of training subjects. According to this the key contents of our systems trainings will be defined corresponding to the particular operational functions of following groups of persons:

  • Operating personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Technological personnel

Additionally, we will provide trainings regarding thermotechnical problems at industrial furnaces. The subjects and scope of trainings will be coordinated with our customers in consideration of respective individual needs in advance.

Potential training subjects are e. g.:

  • Basics heating furnaces
  • Basics heat treatment furnaces
  • Properties of combustibles to be used in furnace plants
  • Thermotechnical properties of metals
  • Heat transfer in furnace plants
  • Basics burner technology at furnace plants
  • Energy balance at furnace plants
  • Heat loss at furnace plants
  • Improvement of energy efficiency at furnace plants
  • Compendium of safety requirements at furnace plants