Temperature Measurement Tests

For many years now we are performing temperature measurement test at heating and heat treatment furnaces with our own measurement equipment.
The results of a temperature measurment test provide information on thermal behaviour of an industrial furnace. Therefore, such measurements will often be performed in following cases:

  • Performance records after implementations, retrofits and modernizations
  • Furnace certifications
  • Monitoring of furnace status
  • Regular examination of temperature precision
  • Calibration of process control systems
  • Studies on evaluation of necessary modernization needs 

Performing a temperature measurement test a heating stock (e. g. slab, ingot, billet, plate) will be prepared with thermocouples at previously determined positions.
While in the furnace the heating stock temperatures will be continuously measured by thermocouples and recorded in a data logger.
The measured data serve as an examination of heating process and conclusions regarding constructive conditions, heating and control technology of the furnace can be drawn. 

With regard to measurement setup two types of temperature measurement tests are known:

  • Data logger test – a data logger inside of an insulation vessel will be transported together with a heating stock through the furnace
  • Test with trailing elements – the measuring thermocouples, which are fixed at heating stock, are long enough in order to be passed through the entire furnace chamber, whereas the data logger is placed outside the furnace


Link: pdf-Dokument Flyer Temperature Measurement Tests