Offline Models

Our offline models are plant-specific software solutions without direct process connection and refer to a multitude of thermotechnical, mathematical and graphic modules developed by us. They will be used for tasks like:

  • Calculation of heating and cooling curves
  • Comparison of heating and cooling for different material qualities
  • Calculation of 3D-temperature distribution within material
  • Determination of the necessary furnace dimensions and of zone layout
  • Dimensioning of the gas and air supply
  • Calculation of possible furnace capacity and expected energy consumption
  • Evaluation and comparison of energy efficiency measures (e. g. preheating of material, regenerative firing, oxygen enrichment of combustion air)
  • Optimization of production sequence
  • Evaluation of existing furnace models
  • Calibration of furnace models based on temperature measurement tests 

In order to schedule and optimize the production process offline models can be implemented into process control systems.