Quality data analysis

For most of the reheating and heat treatment processes it is obligatory to record the production cycle completely. Especially end customers in aerospace, oil and automotive industrie set detailed requirements about manner and extent of documentation and surveys (AMS, CQI-9, API, NORSOK etc.).

However, in many cases the process and product data are stored to different automation systems, so that it is extensive and error-prone to compile the necessary quality records.
This situation is considerably improved by the application of GIWEP systems for quality data analysis:

  • consolidation of all relevant information from the production process, including the results of TUS and SAT tests
  • automatic checking and evaluation of the furnace process based on customer-specific quality requirements
  • automatic generation of the necessary reports for internal and external documentation
  • feedback to the production staff regarding necessary reexamination or reworking
  • linkage to maintenance management

Thus, the following advantages for plant operators are generated:

  • integrated and consistent documentation
  • enhancements regarding the transparency of documentation
  • savings in labour time
  • quicker reaction to malfunctions in production process
  • reduction of time and effort for audits and certification