Atmosphere Control

Our atmosphere control serves for monitoring the atmosphere, i. e. especially the oxygen content, in gas-fired industrial furnaces resp. for regulating the optimal value for the particular process. 

In the furnace zones which are equipped with an O2-probe the oxygen content of furnace atmosphere will be controlled by gas/air ratio in order to reduce the energy consumption of the furnace and scale loss on material resp. to influence the scaling behavior.

The CO-content of the furnace atmosphere will be incorporated into the atmosphere control to prevent a substoichiometric operation of furnace. 

The hardware base consists of current PC technology comprising the application software which has been created by us in C++, C# or Java, as well as measuring probes and electronic units.

The data exchange with other systems (e. g. basic automation, level-3-systems, production planning systems etc.) will be realized via network.

The visualization of process control system informs the operator on current process situation and offers the possibility to act on the process.

Via password protected user levels technological and administrative system modifications can be made and process results can be evaluated.