Measurement Technology

Reliable and exactly working measurement technology is the basis for the control of thermal-metallurgical processes.
Here different assignments occur, which exceed the installation of a bare measuring component by far.

Among others following tasks are to be worked on:

  • Selection of suitable sensors and evaluation devices
  • Selection of suitable measuring positions in the plant
  • Configuration and parameterization of the measuring devices
  • Processing and plausibility check of measurement values
  • Determination and execution of maintenance measures for the preservation of the functionality and accuracy of the measurements

Based on our experiences regarding typical process values, as e. g.:

  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • Calorific value
  • Fuel composition
  • Waste gas composition

we perform the a. m. tasks for plant manufacturers and operators or support them in the respective jobs - both regarding installation of new plants and regarding the operation and modernization of existing plants.

By use of up-to-date technologies of data processing and the development of mathematical-physical models we also implement virtual temperature sensors which are the base of further improvements in process control and monitoring.