Research and development for the application of AI at industrial furnaces (2)

As part of a R&D project, GIWEP upgrades its well-established furnace level-2 system by AI functions. The new functionalities are implemented as several modules. Thus, they can be adapted to the particular application in an optimal way. The use of AI modules enhances the performance of the level-2 system even further and provides additional benefit for the plant operator. In addition to the already described "energy efficiency monitoring" a new modul is now in testing.

The module optimizes the discharge temperature of a furnace. Based on historical data, a neural network has been trained  to predict the material temperature after  rolling. This temperature is an important parameter for a subsequent hardening process. To achieve an optimal temperature the GIWEP furnace level-2 system varies the discharging temperature of  the material and thereby improves and stabilizes the quality of the end product.